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DueDDi - Italian ceramics of Caltagirone -

Dueddi Pottery was founded in 2009 by master potter Maurizio Dell'Aquila.

The assortment are the result of revisions and adaptations of what Arabs, Normans and the Swabians have left throughout history in Caltagirone.

All ceramics are handmade, giving customers who turn to Dueddi the opportunity to purchase manufactured goods for: decorate the house, the table, remember a special event, decorate the garden, get publicity or simply to give something unforgettable.

The experience and skill acquired allow us to offer various solutions in the use and application of the lava stone: natural and unique material Etna provides thousands of years.

With the use of lava stone we produc: tables and work tops, barbeque and decorative objects of restaurants and hotels.

In the assortment there is a wide selection of handmade tiles decorated with designs and colors which have characterized the production of old kilns of Caltagirone.

The exclusive activity of Dueddi allows the customization of all manufactured according to customer specifications in addition to the items already proposed..

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